...because the shoulders of giants are getting crowded.

this is the home domain of the web entity formerly known as nettings_AT_folkwang-hochschule_DOT_de.
my name is jörn, and i live in essen, germany.

event engineering is what i do for a living (my main focus is audio, specializing in higher-order ambisonic surround sound productions).
i'm a master craftsman of the trade (yeah, we still have that ancient guild law in germany); if you need one, you can hire me.

i love to mix powerful live jazz, or amplify chamber music ever-so-gently, so as to make you forget there's a p.a. system involved at all. i like to be able to take the time to get it really right. if necessary, i will spend two hours with hi-end mini mikes, soldering iron, thread and needle, if that artist really has to play her accordion while performing trapeze acrobatics under the roof. however, my evil other self gains pride and wicked enjoyment from rushing fifteen acts in a row over a festival stage with no more than 30mins delay at the end, and i'll gladly make do with a 32-bar soundcheck during the first song if it keeps the audience excited.
lately, i've been moving towards recording of classical, jazz and contemporary music. frequently i get called in to plan and wire audio, video and data systems for project studios, live venues and media companies.

every so often, i will work as a linux network and systems administrator for a change. i'm a huge fan of open source software. hiring me to work on proprietary systems is generally not recommended - the salary required to compensate for the pain will be be uneconomical in most circumstances.
a few years back i taught music theory in a local music school, which was fun. i read score and have a classical conservatory education.

one of these days, i will post my grand job philosophy (or is it "vision"?) here, but until that happens, i suggest we discuss such matters over a beer. the punchline is, i don't believe in bullshit.

if you're looking for my papers (ambisonics, linux audio, music theory and other topics), try the public_stuff/ folder.
miscellaneous data gets dumped into download/ for your pleasure and convenience.
there is also a link list of stuff i wrote that's not on this server.

sometimes i publish material on the web and use this page as a backlink. if you have reason to suspect i've been talking out of the wrong orifice, or you want to douse me in praise, feel free to contact me:

jörn nettingsmeier
lortzingstr. 11
45128 essen
+49 177 7937487